Czech Republic TV Stations

General Information

Population 10.6 million
2018 GDP/capita $22,689
TV ad market size 2018 $342 million

2018 Performance

Prime time audience share (1) 37%
TV ad market share (2) 60%
(1) Average audience share in 2018 
(2) TV ad market share represents CME’s share of the estimated TV advertising market in 2018

Co-General Directors

Jan Vlček

Klára Brachtlová

Klára Brachtlová and Jan Vlček became co-General Directors of TV Nova in June 2019. Both have served in TV Nova´s top management for more than 5 years. Klára Brachtlová joined TV Nova in 2007 and has served as the company´s CFO since 2014. Jan Vlček joined TV Nova as sales director in 2011 after working for ten years in WPP companies, including MindShare and JWT.