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PRO PLUS in Slovenia is heavily involved in a wide range of charities. The leading media company in the country raises consciousness, provides help, and shares happiness with numerous acts in the business and social environment. PRO PLUS actively contributes with sponsorships, involvement on local level, personal engagement and free advertisements to help people in need.

Small Steps for a Big Goal

Encouraged by the team of SVET, the employees of PRO PLUS joined forces to run across Slovenia with a reason. With the humanitarian campaign "Small steps for a big goal" for six years in a row, starting in 2010, ran once a year for a good cause. With the support of people from all over Slovenia they collected funds for children in need. Over 6 years PRO PLUS raised money for children with cystic fibrosis, children with autism, Down’s syndrome and socially deprived families.

Defibrillator use

It is difficult to maintain a cool head when it comes to life, so good knowledge of CPR and use of AED is very important. The teams of SVET and introduced the use of defibrillator to a wide population in a series of articles and TV sections. The awareness of the importance of defibrillator use was raised in 2016 and after great feedback, it continues in 2017.

Educational Efforts for Children

Minicity Ljubljana is a miniature city intended for children between three and twelve years of age. It boasts a bakery, a police station, a hospital, and a television and radio studio. Children can enjoy themselves using unique play facilities and taking part in various educational games and programmes aimed at acquainting them with television professions. Our reporters and editors regularly lecture in primary schools, presenting their profession and teach children about responsible media consumption.

General Director

Pavel Vrabec
Pavel Vrabec was appointed General Director of Pro Plus in December 2009. Under his management, POP TV has maintained its leading position with the most popular TV programming in Slovenia, while Kanal A has strengthened its position considerably.