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Television Markíza Foundation

We are one of the oldest, and based on opinion polls, also one of the most trustworthy corporate foundations in Slovakia. We were established in 2007 as the Televízia Markíza Foundation and since December 2013 we have been working in the current arrangement. In cooperation with nonprofit organizations we have managed to carry out a lot of important projects. We have gained trustworthy partners and obtained valuable experience, which enables us to contribute to making Slovakia a better place to live.

Our development has not been completed and we actively respond to the needs of people around us. A lot of new, interesting and inspiring work is waiting for us, since at the end of 2013 we decided to restart our activities and to strategically focus on one target group - CHILDREN.

Children are our future, so their support is an investment in the development of the society as such. The limited liability company MARKÍZA - SLOVAKIA, the founder of the Markíza Foundation, supports corporate philanthropy ideas and through its Foundation it therefore ranks among socially responsible companies that care about real values.


Our mission is to make the world a better place for everyone, but especially for children. We work on the implementation of unique projects, which aim to change children’s quality of life, please them, help them meet their long-desired dreams and goals, and to bring joy and enable them to experience a feeling of support and hope.

Program focus

Education and talent development

We support modern schools, motivate good teachers and help develop talent of children. We create better conditions for young talents so that they can fully develop in spite of the missing social and economic background. We believe that in teaching even small steps can result in major changes and an investment in education and potential of children is an investment permanent and refundable.

Stop to violence and bullying

Violence and bullying against children are unfortunately a growing trend in society. We want to help abused and neglected children, victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. We believe that suitable raising of public awareness and education can prevent, or at least alleviate, bullying of children and young people, and violence committed against them.

Social inclusion, help for children from socially disadvantaged environment, health support

Social inclusion means integrating the disadvantaged into socially active life and promoting equal opportunities. We will support those, who increase the chances for full participation of disabled children and young people in normal life, while we will seek to support those children who grow up in single-parent families or even in an asocial environment. Health is the most valuable thing we have in life, therefore we protect the health of our children by supporting projects aimed at the prevention and help at places where diseases prevail over health.

How we work

We make efforts to establish long-term partner working relationships with reputable non-governmental organizations on the one hand and the commercial sector on the other. They allow us to jointly develop steps leading to the fulfillment of our program priorities and mission.

We create, obtain and supports projects that will bring help and support to children and youth in a specific area. At the same time, however, with their education and fundraising they will be of benefit not only for volunteer organizations, but for the entire society as well.

Partner Organizations

The project Barriers Account Detský fond SR (Children’s Fund of the Slovak Republic) helps children and young people (up to 26 years) with disabilities from underprivileged families by contributing to aids that improve their quality of life.

Náruč - pomoc deťom v kríze (Open Arms - Help for Children in Crisis) is a civic organization that helps abused children, women and families at risk of violence.

Návrat (Return) civic association is a nonprofit organization that has been promoting and supporting since 1993 the return of lonely children from institutions (children’s homes) to families.

The mission of the nonprofit organization Plamienok (Little Flame) is to take care of terminally ill children, whose lives cannot be saved, while providing psychological assistance to children and families who have experienced bereavement (child, parent, sibling, grandparent).

Šanca pre nechcených (Chance for the Unwanted) is a civic association that gives a chance to unwanted newborns in baby hatches, gives advice to women with unintended pregnancy and helps lonely mothers in crisis situations.

Nadácia Detského kardiocentra (Children’s Cardio Centre Foundation) is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to promote all activities leading to the improvement of the comprehensive care of children with heart defects that are treated in the Children’s Cardio Centre.

Deťom s rakovinou (To Children with Cancer) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2015 by parents of children who were treated for cancer. The aim of the activities of this organization is to innovate children’s oncology wards in Slovakia and to achieve conditions of treatment at the level that is standard for advanced EU countries.

Slovenský paralympijský výbor SR (Slovak Paralympic Committee) was established in 1995 and in cooperation with the Markíza Foundation and the insurer Allianz Slovenská poisťovňa it supports sports talents from among physically disadvantaged children and youth.


•  The Televízia Markíza Foundation raises funds through donations from both individuals and companies. The Foundation keeps in touch with these entities also continuously during the year, thus broadening the base of donors.

• The Interior Ministry allowed us to conduct the Public Fundraising Campaign, which is used to accumulate funds in connection with the projects already started with partner organizations.

• Another source is the e-shop (, which serves as a platform for the sale of branded products of the Foundation whose proceeds are used for our charitable activities.

• Last but not the least, the Foundation cooperates with sponsors, first of all from among commercial entities that fund projects which they submitted, or the projects are submitted to them by the Foundation.

Our Activities

Children’s Day

We organize every year fabulous Children’s Day for children from partner organizations. Approximately 200 children come to the compound of TV Markíza, where for one day they forget about their mostly hard life and experience unforgettable things with animators and presenters of TV Markíza.

Summer Camp of the Televízia Markíza Foundation

The camp is now an inseparable part of the beginning of the summer season. Under the auspices of Markíza TV presenter Patrik Herman, we select more than 100 children from all over Slovakia, whose living conditions often do not give them even the basic needs for fully-fledged childhood. The summer camp is free of charge for all children, while most of them would probably never had the opportunity to get into a children’s camp. During the stay, in addition to accommodation and food, children also get a lot of material aid in the form of clothing and toiletries, and of course, plenty of unforgettable experiences.

A day with the Markíza Foundation

At the end of every year we organize in cooperation with TV Markíza a TV event aiming to raise funds. Using an interactive way to communicate with viewers we try to collect financial means during an especially prepared TV program. The program includes many familiar faces from among presenters, editors, actors as well as singers who help individuals or nonprofit organizations within the program. The result of the all-day program is specific financial aid for partner organizations and selected individuals that need it.

Open day

The Markiza Foundation is always attending the traditional and extremely popular event Open Day. In the Foundation stand visitors are able to buy Foundation merchandise. Profit from the sales was fully dedicated to supporting and helping children.

Individual aid

Throughout the years, the Markíza Foundation provides a lot of financial and material assistance for individuals applying for aid. Many people write us really moving stories, which the Foundation may support in justified cases, after careful examination. Oftentimes, our Foundation also helps people who were mentioned in TV coverage of our colleagues from TV Markíza within television news service and journalism.

Cooperation with TV Markíza

The Markíza Foundation also works with its founder, MARKÍZA - SLOVAKIA, on selected television programs, such as Vo štvorici po Slovensku vlakom (Four Friends on the Train Across Slovakia), where actors competed with each other in various disciplines and by winning they raised money. In the program titled Tvoja tvár znie povedome (Your Face Sounds Familiar), we donate to selected  NGO organizations.

Plan for Next Years

Our strategic focus remains on one target group – children. This is a long-term strategy. Children are our future, so their support is an important investment in the development of society.

We continue to develop and actively react to the needs of people around us. There is a lot of new, interesting and inspiring work ahead of us.

We plan to expand our cooperation by some new organizations, for example, aimed at preventing domestic violence, bullying, and helping sick children. We are awaiting their projects and trying to raise funds for their implementation.

We will continue with organizing successful and time-tested events such as Children Day Charity Day, Open Day, and Summer Camp.

We plan to setup our own project  -  focus on bullying, healthy  life style for children and whole families.

In 2016 we launched the Employee Grant Program of the TV Markíza Foundation, which gives employees the opportunity to actively contribute to the accomplishment of good ideas and selflessly help projects focused on children at local and regional levels.



General Director

Matthias Settele
Mr. Settele has served as the General Director of TV Markíza since September 2013. Before joining CME, Mr. Settele was the General Manager for Turner Nordic and Baltic and a senior consultant for Austria's public television channel ORF.