PRO TV is more than a television station. PRO TV is a state of mind. PRO TV means: to be responsible, to get involved and to help. To pay attention to what happens around you and to take initiative.

PRO TV keeps its viewers permanently informed and socially involved through its special campaigns, launched under The PRO TV News umbrella, but also through partnerships with relevant Romanian organizations and associations.


Beside the campaigns frequently launched, PRO TV also has partnerships with important foundations and associations in Romania such as: OvidiuRo (supporting children’s education), Fundatia Renasterea (supporting women who suffer from cancer) and Make a wish (supporting children who suffer from terminal diseases).

We care campaign

On October 30th 2015, a terrible fire in a club in Bucharest caused the death of more than 60 young people and more than 100 others were severely injured. Together with the Romanian Red Cross, PRO TV launched the We care campaign, promoting the solidarity with the survivors who fight for their lives.

More than 1.8 million euros were gathered from donations, and the money was directed toward the victims, their relatives, and also the hospitals involved in helping and saving the victims.

There is Life after the Earthquake

In 2015, after the devastating earthquake in Nepal, PRO TV and UNICEF launched the fundraising campaign „There is life after the earthquake”, for the 1.7 million children who were affected by this tragedy. PRO TV sent a team to Nepal and presented special coverage, describing the situation so Romanian viewers understood the importance of each donation.

After the special materials broadcasted from Nepal, the Romanian public reacted positively and approximately 400,000 euros were gathered from donations.

Do you know how your parents are doing?

Started in February 2014, the objective of this campaign is to raise awareness of the families of those who left Romania to work abroad. This includes senior citizens who now can’t take care of themselves.

Together with PRO TV viewers and online visitors, PRO TV asked the Romanian authorities to improve the legislation and develop strategies to sustain these senior citizens, develop home care services, conduct a census on senior citizens living alone, and many others. Over 40,000 signatures were gathered and the brief was taken to the Labor Minister.

Save Beautiful Romania

In June 2014, the PRO TV News launched the „Save beautiful Romania” campaign, which highlighted forgotten architectural treasures and revealed the most beautiful traditional villages and true cultural monuments worth preservation. This campaign targeted the owners of old and beautiful buildings, who were encouraged to renovate them by respecting the original architecture.

„Save beautiful Romania” started with an exclusive interview with Charles, The Prince of Wales, the only interview His Royal Highness has conducted with a Romanian television station. Andreea Esca, PRO TV News anchor, interviewed him and he is one of the people who advocated for this campaign.

„Save beautiful Romania” was awarded by the Bucharest municipality, for promoting Romanian values in the world.

General Director

Aleksandras Cesnavicius
Aleksandras joined ProTV in late 2013 and has more than 10 years of television experience.