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For more than 25 years, PRO TV has been the leading TV station in Romania offering high quality entertainment and objective information. It leads the Romanian television market with a programming strategy that includes a wide variety of local productions including news, entertainment, and top international series and movies. Over the years, PRO TV has also been actively involved in various social projects that left a positive footprint in the communities.

In 2015, Daruieste Viata association launched its We Are Building a Hospital campaign, the first NGO to build a hospital from scratch in Romania using only money raised from partnerships and donations. PRO TV was one of the main drivers of this cause and with the support of its celebrities and shows; we managed to bring the realization of this project closer. PRO TV also supports education and associations such as Hope and Homes for Children, the United Way, and SOS Kinderdorff.

Do You Know How Your Child is Doing? This campaign initiated by the PRO TV news team and launched in 2007 with the objective to raise awareness about the families of those who left Romania to work abroad and did not have time to take care of their children. The campaign won the first Emmy for a Romanian TV station in 2008.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, PRO TV launched the #nefacembine national campaign in which celebrities informed Romanians about safety measures in pandemic times, such as wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, the importance of getting a COVID-19 vaccine etc.

PRO TV’s Chief Executive Officer is Mr. Aleksandras Cesnavicius


VOYO is an increasingly successful streaming service that underwent a complete technological and content relaunch in the fall of 2020. In addition to attractive films and series, VOYO offers exclusive previews of TV broadcasts, access to various sporting events, live streaming and a video archive of content from PRO TV’s library completely ad-free. VOYO is CME’s flagship online platform that will play an increasingly important role in CME’s operations as viewing preferences shift to on-demand and away from traditional linear programming. The platform will also be gradually bolstered by the addition of exclusive programming and events.


PRO TV leads the Romanian television market with a programming strategy that includes a wide variety of local productions including news, entertainment, and top international series and movies. PRO TV’s primary mission is to inspire Romanians by providing top quality TV programs that inform, educate, entertain, and empower its viewers while maintaining the highest standards and journalistic ethics. The news programs delivered by PRO TV are segment leaders and, PRO TV’s News website, is one of the most visited news websites in Romania, offering up-to-the-minute news and exclusive video footage. PRO TV also offers its programming on the VOD platform.


This channel is one of the most beloved brands that wrote history in Romania. Acasă features original shows, produced especially for the channel and a diverse slate of international dramas and romantic movies.


PRO Arena is the channel that combines all of the content that is of interest for the male audience, from sports events and talk shows, to action series and male oriented documentary and reality series.


is the home of well-known Romanian novellas. Besides the most beloved Romanian titles, the audience can also enjoy recent Turkish and Latin-American series, which are taking them through a carousel of emotions, be it nostalgia or joy.


PRO CINEMA is the TV channel designed exclusively for film lovers. Whether they prefer action movies, comedies, dramas, or romance, PRO CINEMA has it all and constantly expands its library.


Broadcasting 24 hours a day, Pro TV Chisinau leverages Pro TV Romania's programming schedule and a selection of top international series and movies, as well as a wide variety of Romanian programs to target Moldova's majority Romanian speakers. In addition, Pro TV Chisinau produces its own local news, weekly current affairs, and entertainment programs.


PRO TV INTERNATIONAL is the premier Romanian-language TV channel specifically targeting the growing number of Romanians choosing to work, study, or live abroad. The channel keeps its viewers connected to home through top-rated news programs, high-quality entertainment, and successful Romanian series. PRO TV International is the first Romanian private TV channel that began broadcasting online 24 hours a day.