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The Nova Group has a very strong tradition of involvement in charity projects, so much so that it created the Nova Foundation which supports children in different environments.

Nova Foundation

The Nova Foundation reaches out to the most vulnerable among us – children. We help children in all age groups (up to 18 years) in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. We channel our help into four areas: health, education, home, and humanitarian aid. Each of these aspects has a major effect on children’s lives and happiness, and indelibly influences their future and success in adult life.

Health is the most valuable thing we have. We help children suffering from protracted diseases in terms of both treatment and improving their quality of life, which the diseases affect.

The time and energy put into education helps improve the future of society as a whole. We help the children who, through no fault of their own, lack opportunities for developing their intellect and talents.

Home is not just four walls; home is safety amidst your loved ones. We help the children who need protection from the outer world and build homes where an essential part of home is missing. We encourage children to spend leisure time actively, primarily pursuing sports and cultural activities.

The Czech Republic is not immune to major floods, fires and other disasters that are stressful for entire families, children included. We bring help where children are in jeopardy as a result of natural disasters.

Televizní noviny (TV News) anchor Kristina Kloubková is the patron of the Nova Foundation. Her own goal is to bring smiles to as many children in the Czech Republic as possible.

The Nova Foundation supports non-profit organizations and has helped individual children and families from among TV Nova viewers. It has also helped through TV Nova’s programs – Tvoje tvář má známý hlas (Your Face Sounds Familiar), Hvězdná party (Star Party) and Akce Nový domov (Project New Home).

A child’s smile is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Michal Velíšek Awards

The Nova Foundation has been cooperating with the ADRA Foundation on the prestigious “Michal Velíšek Awards” project for a long time. The idea of the award was inspired by the heroic deed of TV Nova editor Michal Velíšek, who defended a woman with a baby who was attacked. Through the awards, the Nova Foundation wishes to convey its respect for people who decide to help others in life-threatening situations.

Good Angel Foundation

TV Nova has been supporting Nadace Dobrý Anděl (Good Angel Foundation) since 2013. Good Angel helps families facing difficult financial conditions as a result of illness. The good angels (and donors) include celebrities of the screen such as Lucie Borhyová, Rey Koranteng, Kristina Kloubková and many others. The Nova Group’s employees make up a large part of the good angels as well.

Co-General Directors

Jan Vlček

Klára Brachtlová

Klára Brachtlová and Jan Vlček became co-General Directors of TV Nova in June 2019. Both have served in TV Nova´s top management for more than 5 years. Klára Brachtlová joined TV Nova in 2007 and has served as the company´s CFO since 2014. Jan Vlček joined TV Nova as sales director in 2011 after working for ten years in WPP companies, including MindShare and JWT.