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Over the past 16 years bTV Media Group proved that it can be a driving force for solving many important social problems and causes, including preservation of the Bulgarian natural environment, the rights of children and groups at risk, development of young Bulgarian talents, and helping large Bulgarian groups in times of peril.

There is no Bulgarian who felt indifferent to the appeals of "Let's clean Bulgaria together", or refused his assistance for the restoration of Hitrino, Asparuhovo and Mizia. These initiatives left a lasting mark in social awareness, and established a vast partnership network and an exemplary model of social responsibility that bTV Media Group has still developed.

Trusted Partnership

Through the years, bTV Media Group has not only initiated socially responsible projects and campaigns but supported activities of various NGOs in the social, educational and cultural spheres. bTV closely researches any campaign proposed by a socially responsible organization and accepts only those with a flawless image, detailed reporting on spending and perfect accountability.

Millions of TV viewers, radio listeners and online users were engaged and inspired by the causes behind which bTV Media Group stood. They backed the initiatives of the media group with Unicef Bulgaria, SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria, The Foundation and others – to support the rights of Bulgarian children and development of their talents. In cooperation with Unicef Bulgaria, bTV for the first time introduced the teleton as a charity TV format in Bulgaria with three partnership projects in 2015 - 2016 - "Future free of violence for every child", "All together from kindergarten", “Together for every child”.

Together for every child
Together for every child


bTV is the station with the greatest number of prestigious industry and CSR awards won over the years. bTV’s campaign “Let’s clean Bulgaria together” received the Effie award in 2013 and recognition as the Green Event of the Year. In 2016 the bTV Media Group received the prestigious "Green Media" award as well. Together with Unicef Bulgaria the company also won the “Most successful partnership” award by the Bulgarian Donors’ Forum in 2016, and in cooperation with The Foundation received the “Golden heart” award for the project “The talent loves every child”. In 2017 bTV Media Group was recognized as “Partner of long standing” by SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria.


Chief Executive Officer

Martin Svehlak