Interview with Jan Vlček, Executive Director & Sales Director of the Nova Group

October 13, 2017

Source: Mediaguru 

What are the basic outlines of the Nova Group sales policy for the year 2018? What have you relied on during its construction?

We always try to pay the maximum attention to the development of the structure and the content of the demand for advertising space. It applies both to the seasonality and the affinity focus of our advertising positions or to other aspects which are relevant for effective media campaign planning.

What new aspects will appear in the sales policy for the year 2018?

As for the development of the sales policy structure, we make the maximum efforts to maintain the continuity which simplifies the year-on-year comparison of development of the conditions for our clients. It is true that client needs are developing. We concurrently do the best for increasing the audience share and offering the best quality of advertising space. Our increased program investments return in the form of a very significant increase of the audience share across the majority of the lucrative target groups. The growth of the Nova Group audience share has been continuous since the year 2016. We will reflect a number of these quality aspects in the price in the sales policy for the year 2018.

How will the basic CPP price change compared to the year 2017 and how will the footage and monthly coefficients change?

The demand for TV space has grown significantly this year and especially in the first half of 2017. It has grown so much that the majority of the channels on the Czech market are fully sold out and some parts of many campaigns might simply not be broadcasted for clients. Undoubtedly, TV market prices will grow next year to a certain extent. However, it is not easy to generalize this issue because each client has a rather different structure of media campaign. We assume that on average, prices could potentially grow by up to 10% to reflect the exceptional demand, but all of this depends on numerous other factors such as seasons, investments, advertising footage etc.

How will the sales of internet advertising be reflected in the sales policy? How will you take account of clients in the case of the interconnection of TV and online advertising in a way other than in the form of a more advantageous price within OMK?

From the second half of 2017 we have started to implement projects dedicated solely to online. These are separate video broadcasts which address a target group other than our TV viewers. It is a part of our new strategy where the online offer within the Nova Group is given complete independence as far as the development of new broadcasts and new commercial formats is concerned. The majority of our clients also use our online offer and we will be glad to enable them the interconnection of online and TV both from the commercial (OMK) and content point of view.

Will the Markíza International channel be included in OMK as well? Are there any changes in the sales policy conception for OMK?

We try to meet the needs of our clients when setting the OMK structure during negotiations and we will maintain the same flexibility level in the year 2018 as well.

How do you see the advertising TV market development this year and what are your expectations with regard to the year 2018?

In view of the positive development of the TV market and positive development of the economy and consumer demand in the YTD data and especially in the first half of 2017, we feel the TV market outlook is very positive.


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