Codes of Conduct and Governance Guidelines

The Board of Directors considers the company's reputation to be one of its most important assets and has placed great importance on maintaining a reputation for integrity and fairness. CME's Standards of Business Conduct applies to all employees of the company and its subsidiaries, and the Code of Conduct for Non-Employee Directors applies to members of the Board. These codes of conduct require employees and directors to conduct the company's business affairs in a manner that is consistent with the company’s high ethical standards and their duties to the company and in accordance with applicable laws of the countries in which the company operates. The Corporate Governance Guidelines set out key principles and practices that guide the Board of Directors in carrying out its responsibilities.

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Disclosure Policy

The Disclosure Policy reflects the company's commitment to the fair disclosure of information with respect to its business. It is CME's belief that its investors are best served when its performance, strengths, strategies and risks are publicized properly. Accordingly, it is CME's policy to maintain an active and transparent dialogue with investors, analysts, and the public through the fair, accurate, clear, and timely disclosure of information consistent with its regulatory obligations.

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Committee Charters

The Board of Directors has adopted charters for its committees. Each charter describes the committee's composition, scope of powers and functions, and administrative requirements.

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UK Tax Strategy

CME Media Services Ltd publishes this statement in compliance with its duty to publish its UK tax strategy for the financial year beginning on January 1, 2019.

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