Corporate social responsibility is enshrined in the mission and vision of Nova TV, which, as a leading company in the Croatia media market, has built its success on trust, quality and credibility. One of the goals of Nova TV as a company is to work on a quality relationship with the community within which it operates, thus contributing to the betterment of the society. Therefore, Nova TV constantly participates in key projects related to social responsibility dedicating time and resources to raise awareness and money for humanitarian cause and its aim is to continue working on its role as a socially responsible company as effectively in the future. 

Nova TV's Magazine Attested

The aim of Nova TV's magazine Attested is to bring public attention to important social and political issues in Croatia. Through investigative journalism stories dedicated to a variety of issues ranging from corruption, crime and negligence of authorities to socioeconomic issues that citizens of Croatia are faced with, Attested has contributed to the betterment of society since 2007. By helping ordinary people overcome struggles related to the abovementioned issues and by raising awareness of certain problems within the Croatian society, the magazine has initiated positive changes, prompted public institutions to fulfill their responsibility and united Croatian citizens with the aim to help their fellow citizens in need on several occasions and will continue to do so in the future.

Ana Rukavina Foundation

Since 2011, Nova TV and the Ana Rukavina Foundation have been jointly conducting humanitarian and marketing activities with the goal of collecting financial and other resources for the maintenance and expansion of the Croatian Registry of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donors and for the operation of the private and public Cord Blood Bank "Ana Rukavina".

Nova TV informs its viewers about all activities of the Foundation and spreads knowledge about the role of every citizen in saving human lives. Once a year we organise a big concert broadcasted live in order to raise money for the Foundation. 

The Brave Phone

In 2013, Nova TV began working with the non-governmental organization “Hrabri telefon” (“Brave Phone“), which is an organization established to provide direct support and assistance to abused and neglected children and their families. It is also dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglect, as well as unacceptable behavior of children and adolescents.

The Brave Phone is a free phone line for all children and adolescents, their parents and families, as well as experts who work with children. It is an anonymous and safe place where they can seek help on various topics such as domestic violence, bullying and sexual abuse.

Nova TV helps The Brave Phone to raise funds and to raise awareness of its agenda. The purpose is to improve Croatian society as well as related Croatian legislation.

Nova TV and Europa Donna Unite to Raise Awareness of Breast Cancer

Nova TV is the media sponsor for the campaign administered by the association Donna Europa, whose goal is to raise awareness of breast cancer with women in Europe. In order to help achieve this goal, we produced a television spot which airs on Nova TV. The face of the campaign is Josipa Pavičić, who has won the battle with cancer. In the television spot, Ms. Pavičić invites anyone who is willing to help to contribute to the fundraising for an intraoperative radiation machine. Europa Donna, an independent non-profit organization, is working on raising awareness of breast cancer and promotes education, early detection, optimal treatment, medical and psychosocial rehabilitation, and palliative care, as well as increasing the funds for cancer research.

Red Noses

In 2017, Nova TV expanded its corporate social responsibility through partnership with the Red Noses association. Through humor and joy, Red Noses provide psychosocial support for those who are diseased, helpless and in pain, primarily children undergoing treatments in hospitals. Red Noses Clowndoctors’ mission, motivation and reward is to elicit smiles and bring joy of life to a place where there is sadness, fear and pain. At the moment, the association counts 20 Clowndoctors, professional artists who alleviate suffering and make the recovery process easier with the help of humor and joy of life as therapeutic agents. Apart from Nova TV’s media sponsorship, the company’s employees have supported the Red Noses association by becoming Ambassadors of Laughter - donors who support the work of Clowndoctors through symbolic money donations.