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Corporate Responsibility

At CME we have passions that hold true throughout every brand in every country, such as a commitment to helping communities, and a dedication to journalistic integrity. Our company continues to operate across four culturally diverse territories, each with its own social issues and legal and tax requirements. For this reason CSR policies vary slightly from region to region but what drives us always remains the same.


The driving force behind CME is its talented employees, and we constantly strive to improve their satisfaction. We regularly solicit feedback to garner the opinions of every member of staff. Most brands adopt an open door policy so that staff can ask questions and raise issues at local level.

Employee growth and development is important in our industry. We tailor the training programs according to the needs of the region or division, and constantly develop the hard skills of our technical teams with world class training. All of our employees are enrolled in fire safety training and first aid induction programs. This is then repeated regularly depending on the needs of the position and the equipment used.

In many countries we provide onsite doctors and 24 hour medical help lines for our staff as well as preventative medical care such as flu vaccinations. Where needed, our employees have private medical insurance and access to above average medical care.

Customers and Content

Our award winning news teams in every country adhere to the highest standards of journalistic integrity, above and beyond what is required by law. The company was founded on this principle as well as the right to freedom of speech. Our news working group meets on a regular basis to discuss how we can adhere to his vision in rapidly changing environments. All of our journalists, across all of our media, sign a document promising to practice our standards of fair journalism and independent reporting and receive clear guidance on our anti- bribery and corruption policies.

CME places an emphasis on diverse locally produced programming; ensuring schedules are tailored to the audience of each station. Our strategy is to work closely with local partners who are empowered to use their knowledge and expertise to achieve the right balance of programming and create successful businesses.

Community and Charity

As a broadcasting company that reaches into the homes of approximately 45 million people, we are heavily involved in community action across all of our brands. This ranges across the regions from internships, to charitable campaigns, the protection of the natural environment, local education programs and human rights work. Most significant is our work with handicapped, deprived or abandoned children in every country where we operate.  We work closely with many worldwide charities including UNICEF, Red Cross and Amnesty international as well as supporting hundreds of causes at the local level. For more details on the local charities we support please click on a country at the bottom of the page.

The Environment

As our main products are digital or delivered digitally and most of our productions are filmed locally, our transport needs are minimal. However, we take great care to reduce our carbon footprint by using a video conferencing system in all of our offices to avoid unnecessary travel by plane. We provide mass transport for employees on a regional basis depending on need, take measures to encourage the use of public transport and have reduced our car fleets where they exist and where it is possible.

In all of our facilities in all countries (where there is the infrastructure) we manage our waste by recycling. This not only includes paper, plastics, glass, and alkaloid mono use batteries, but we also recycle old technical equipment (TV sets and PC’s) by giving it to charity in some regions.

Across our countries we encourage our personnel to participate in sorting of paper, plastics and retired electronic equipment such as video cassettes.

Where relevant we will always consider external affiliation to international environmental standards as a key factor when making acquisitions. We also consider environmentally friendly technology when making new investments.

Across our facilities there are a variety of energy and water management systems in place. This ranges from energy saving light bulbs, to time control, space sensors, twilight switches and sensor operated water taps. In some buildings we have weather compensated algorithm heating systems with night and weekend modes, and building management systems in place that are programmed not to allow the selection of conflicting energy burning requirements.


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