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Media Pro Entertainment (MPE) is the brand name of CME’s production and distribution division, which operates a unit in each of the company’s markets.

Delivering content that consistently generates high audience share is at the heart of the success of CME’s broadcast operations. While Hollywood content remains popular, our audiences increasingly demand content that is produced in their local language and reflects their society, attitudes and culture. Besides supporting the broadcast operations, the production and distribution of content allows CME to generate revenues from third party sales.

Media Pro Entertainment is a fully integrated production business that leverages creative talent across all of our countries and allows us to develop, produce and distribute high quality content.

It is organized into three subdivisions:

Fiction and reality entertainment production

This subdivision develops and produces a wide range of fiction, reality and entertainment programming and films, using both purchased formats and through developing original formats. In 2011 MPE delivered over 880 hours of fiction and 1,483 hours of reality and entertainment to CME broadcasters. Our business model allows us to produce content across all of our markets and gives us the scale to deliver a large volume of quality programming to our broadcasters at the lowest possible cost.

Production services and management

MPE provides assets and expertise to foreign film producers and commercial advertising clients, including studio space, set design and construction, costumes, camera, lighting, grip equipment and post production services. In most of our markets we own or lease a substantial amount of the facilities and assets necessary for production. Media Pro Studios (Buftea) in Romania, is one of the largest studio facilities in CEE containing 19 stages and with a tradition spanning over 60 years. The computer-generated imagery (CGI) and post production facilities in Romania contain cutting edge CGI and visual effects (VFX) technology.

Distribution and exhibition

MPE distributes its products to CME’s own broadcasters in CEE and to third parties in more than 15 countries around the world. MPE also acquires the rights to international and television film content across our region and distributes them both to third party clients and to our broadcast operations. In June 2011, the distribution and exhibition sub-division was strengthened in the Slovak and Czech Republic by the acquisition of Bontonfilm. MPE is now the leading theatrical and home video distributor in Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.