PRO PLUS in Slovenia is heavily involved in a wide range of charities. The company supports, on average, two campaigns per month, on television with free spots and on the web sites with banners. Campaigns or promotional spots are scheduled free of charge. The company also offers media sponsorhip to recognisable projects and supports the goals of many sports clubs and cultural societies.

PRO PLUS supports awareness campaigns in various fields to help socially deprived families and individuals. The brand has a strong history of supporting those with serious health issues as well as educating people on how to prevent them.

Small Steps for a Big Goal

Encouraged by the team of SVET, the employees of PRO PLUS in 2014 joined their forces for the fourth time to run across Slovenia with a reason. With the humanitarian campaign "Small steps for a big goal" they joined forces with support of people from entire Slovenia and collected funds for materially deprived families with children. As one of the biggest fundraising campaigns, this exceeded all expectations due to the amazing response of supporters.

Clean up Slovenia in a Day

The station takes a strong interest in environmental issues and took part in the ‘Clean up Slovenia in a day’ campaign, encouraging members of the public to remove garbage from public places, which was organized by the Ecologists Without Frontiers Society.

Ecology Week

It also was proud to initiate Ecology Week on 24UR, that featured a series of news stories educating viewers on how they can help protect the environment using efficient strategies endorsed by experts. This included reducing CO2 emissions caused by the daily work commute, cars that pollute less, energy efficient houses and correctly sorting waste.