From its very beginning, TV MARKÍZA has used its stations to increase the exposure of charities and effectively communicate topics of public importance. It uses its media to support charities through advertising, raising awareness of topics in locally produced TV series and on the news, organizing collections, and supporting and encouraging the patronage and participation of its news anchormen and editors.

Television Markíza Foundation

The Slovakian broadcaster has not only cooperated with many foundations, it has created its own, the Television Markíza Foundation, to help serve individuals, and non-state institutions.

MARKÍZA appreciates its social responsibility and therefore has been working for good causes since 1999. The Television Markíza Foundation is one of the oldest and, based on public opinion research, also one of the most credible corporate foundations in Slovakia. It has managed to implement many meaningful projects in co-operation with non-profit organizations and won many valuable partners, gathered new experience and contributed to changing Slovakia into a better place.

The mission of the Television Markíza Foundation is to contribute in changing the world to a better place, mainly for children. Children are our future and so supporting them means investing in the development of society as a whole. The Foundation is working on the realization of unique projects which are aiming to change the quality of life for children, help them achieve their desires and wishes, bring them joy and enable them to experience the feeling of support and hope.

Philanthropy and Charity Plans

On behalf of the company MARKÍZA, the Foundation develops philanthropy and charity plans through long-term partnerships with reputable non-governmental organizations in Slovakia. Thanks to them it covers program areas such as: education of children and youth, talent development, assistance to abused and neglected children, victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, social inclusion, assistance to children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds and support of health.