bTV Media Group

The bTV Media Group’s policy is to show commitment to public and social causes. Over the past 14 years bTV proved that it can be one of the engines for the resolution of many serious problems in everyday life. For every significant public cause bTV receives wide publicity and the support of millions of its viewers, listeners and internet users.

bTV closely researches any campaign proposed by a socially responsible organization and accepts only those with a flawless image, detailed reporting on spending and perfect accountability.

Charitable and Fundraising Activities

There is no Bulgarian who remained indifferent to the appeals of the bTV Media Group’s charitable activities. These initiatives left a lasting mark on public consciousness. They create a model for social activity and civil liability.

The bTV Media Group not only initiates socially responsible projects and campaigns but the channels of the group annually also give free time in TV and radio broadcasting and space in online platforms to support activities of various NGOs in the social, educational and cultural spheres.

Channels of the group also support fundraising activities which even aim to help large groups of Bulgarians in difficult moments or which focus on problems of Bulgarian children or improvement of the health and quality of life of the people.

Volunteers clean up Bulgaria
Volunteers clean up Bulgaria

Strong Environmental Focus

bTV also has a strong environmental focus and has planted trees in an area near mountains every spring since 2006 to help regenerate an area struck by a tornado. The station also supports important eco campaigns, initiated by established NGOs in the area – as a media partner or with news content. One of its most popular social campaigns is ‘Let’s Clean Bulgaria in One Day’, part of the worldwide Let’s Do It! movement, in which people lend their time to pick up litter and tend to their local area.